Chapter 2: Of Lesser Incubi and Confused Boys (CWs: Dub-con, pseudo-incest, attempted mother-son sex, original date of publication: January 4th, 2019)


Rowan was tired. He was tired of Astor being a dick to him on the basis of absolutely nothing, he was tired of Lilly refusing to take credit for her accomplishments, he was tired of the Order top brass sending him out to do grunt work, and most of all, he was tired of these stupid trees getting in the way of his job.

Fuck. Slash. This. Hack. Shit.

God, why was Astor such a dick? He was his brother (sort of)! They’d grown up together (since age eight)! They’d been best friends for forever (well if you excuse those two years when they decided they hated each other and stopped talking)!

God, were we even ever friends?

“We’re here,” Lilly said. To be honest, he’d kind of forgotten she was here.

Rowan looked up at the castle. Oh shit. The castle was magnificent, the kind of thing that looked like it was owned by mid-ranking nobles before the monsters took it over.

“Wow. That’s a pretty one. I’m going to go.” Shit. That’s not grunt work. That’s a full-blown demon stronghold.

Lilly grabbed his hand and pleaded with him, and he didn’t know why, but he decided to go in with her. Who fucking knows, maybe it simply looks bad from the outside.


Rowan had been walking through the seemingly endless halls for what felt like hours, his and Lilly’s footsteps echoing throughout the empty-seeming mansion. There was a surprising lack of powerful monsters to fight, which left him time to think.


“Rowan, why’re you so mean!”

Nasty little children who’d been beating him who turned coward when he decided to fight back.

“Ignore him, he’s just the filthy heretic son of a filthy heretic!”

Teachers at that godforsaken orphanage who wouldn’t believe him if his life depended on it.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything better from the child of Ariah and Caron!”

More teachers, who insulted him, blamed him for everything that went wrong, because the kid of those people couldn’t even be expected to do better.

“Ah, Rowan darling, come sit on mommy’s lap-ahyesthatssogood!”

His own mother, turned into a succubus, father’s cock in her cunt, tits on full display, trying to get her to fuck him.

None of them cared, none of them, not one.

Astor was different. He was nice and stood up for him and didn’t care about his heretic parents or lacking skill at just about anything. We thought we’d be together forever, taking on all sorts of monsters. He was the only true friend he had.

But things are never so simple, are they? Astor dropped out, and Lilly was assigned to be his partner, the golden girl who never took credit for anything and didn’t know how good she had it.

Astor decided to take over his grandfather’s shop, and Rowan and Lilly were assigned jobs further and further away from where he lived.

Rowan could have lived with this. He really could.

If Astor hadn’t been so cold!

God, why? He had just suddenly stopped treating Rowan like his friend and had started treating him like an annoyance. God, what was wrong with him? Did he realize that Rowan was bad for his reputation? Did he only become his friend as some sort of charity project?


I think we might be going in circles.


“What the hell?”


Lilly gestured around. “Look. I could swear that I’d seen that little table before, the one with the

claw marks on the side, and that painting of that old man on the wall.”


“You’re being ridiculous. I’d expect any mansion full of monsters to have some claw marks in it, and if they did take this over from a noble, then there’s going to be some paintings of old guys here.” Rowan was rolling his eyes. God, why did she have to be so panicky?


He began to walk into the other room. “See, we’re not going in…”His eyes caught on to a similar looking clawed-up table, and a painting of an old man that looked strikingly familiar.




“Yes, circles. I’m surprised it took you so long to figure that out, little ones.”


Rowan’s head whipped around. “What hell was that?” Oh shit oh shit oh shit. God. They told us that this was an easy clearing-out!


“I don’t know!”


“I mean, I really tried to set up a good, complex incantation, and what do I get, two kids who take who-knows-how-many hours to figure it out!


Rowan swung his sword wildly. “Show yourself, enemy of the Order!” Pleaseplease just be some witch in training that’s wildly overestimated herself. Please.


Laughter echoed throughout the long hallway. “Oh, darling. I’m not that interested in you, though it’s cute that you try. Now, your friend on the other hand..” The hell does this thing want with Lilly?


One of the doors swung open, and a pair of succubi walked out. They were barely wearing anything, Rowan idly noticed. God, just like my whore of a heretic mother. He barely had time to move before the two grabbed onto his arms with surprising strength. He could feel their soft breasts pressing into his sides, one wrapping her legs around his waist as if to crush him god no please don’t kill me! Please! I still have friends here! God, please help me!


“Lilly, hel-” He felt a hand cover his mouth. Lilly was staring slack-jawed at the disgusting display, her hands slowly snaking downward.


“Darling, you really shouldn't be so hasty to leave.” The succubus on the left began to drag him out the door.


God please no don’t eat me don’t please I don’t want to die! I just want to see Astor one last time! I want to apologize for being such a dick all this time! Please!

The women dragged him out, leading him into a small back room and roughly shoving him to the ground, one of the succubi tearing his clothes off, sitting on his legs to make sure he couldn’t kick her in the face, while the other held his hands in a vice grip, a lewd smile evident on her face.

“God, I can’t wait!”

“Thank Vivaiel that she let us keep the boy!”

“He’s so cute, I call dibs!”

“No, me!”

“Well, I’m the older sister, so I get first dibs!”

“No! That’s not how it works!”

God, are they really arguing over who gets to fuck me and drain me of my energy first? Rowan felt one of the succubi shift their position on his legs, and he seized the opportunity, kicking one of them in the face, before attempting to grab his sword. The older succubus grabbed his hand with surprising speed and roughly shoved him against the wall. Her lips pressed against his, and he could feel her hand reaching down into his pants and freeing his length from his pants, her fingers curled around it, moving up and down, stroking his already hard cock, sending waves of pleasure up his body. In the distance, he could hear the younger succubus complaining about not being able to go first, though he didn’t really care, he just wanted the succubus to keep on going, keep on stroking his cock.


“Yuli, you won’t want this one, he’s already got a husband.”

What? The younger succubus walked over to Rowan’s side, a lewd smile on her face. She ran her finger down his cheek, seemingly leaving behind some sort of energy ripples in his skin. The feeling was oh-so-pleasant. God, please do that again! Wait, what am I saying?


“I know! We can convert him so that he and his husband can live happily ever after!”


The older succubus smiled, pressing her breasts into his body. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

They touched him, running every appendage they possessed against his body, reaching into the depths of his heart and soul, melting him into a wonderful incubus. At first, Rowan was scared, but he learned as they drew out of him every pleasure point on his body, made horns and wings and a tail grow, he learned that there was no reason to be afraid, for how could he be afraid when everything felt so good!


“You okay?” Yulia leaned over his body, her fingers winding in his hair.

Rowan was lost in thought. His first reaction was to grab his sword and decapitate the succubus, but he was distracted by the sensation of moving parts near his tailbone, and the heat flowing through his body.


“What the hell did you do to me?” Rowan said, before feeling a sudden sensation downward, and he moved to look at his cock. It had grown several inches and was standing at attention, ready for something, to sate the heat that had been worming its way through his body.

He realized what he had to do. He needed something, needed Astor, needed his arms around him, his lips on his own, his cock in his ass...

Wait! What? I’m not a fucking whore! The heat had slowly graduated into full-on burning, his hole feeling empty,   god no that’s wrong his mouth wanting to taste Astor’s cum I don’t want to do that fuck he could feel his body walking out of the door, making a beeline towards the exit, hungry for cum and Astor. His body was hot, hot for him, and he needed Astor to cool it down, needed the pleasure of that. oh god what did these things do to me Astor would be lovely, so lovely, with a cock just right for sucking and fucking and a tight little ass, it would be so much fun!

It was approximately midnight, and Astor couldn’t sleep. His mind was racing with thoughts, worries about Rowan and Lilly, especially Rowan. What if they didn’t get out okay? What if the monsters killed them? Or worse, they could have been converted, I’ve heard some rumors about succubi converting via sex. God, why am I even thinking about this stuff? Rowan and Lilly are probably fine, they did say that it was just grunt work, after all.    


So why am I still worrying? I thought I'd begun to distance myself from caring.


But I can’t. I love him too much. Love that fucking idiot too much to let him go, to tell him to fuck off, to keep him away from the sinfulness of my feelings.


If he knew, he’d fucking hate me. See me as just like his mother, another heretical whore trying to get into his pants. I couldn’t live with that. So I keep him around, treat him like shit. God, I’m such an asshole.

Astor was startled from his thoughts via the sound of his door opening slowly, and the sight of a familiar figure walking out.

“Oh, Astor…!”

“Rowa-” Rowan lept on Astor’s body, pressing him to the bed. Astor got a clearer look at him now, a smile on his flushed face, small horns and miniature tail visible, as he did away with Astor’s pants and reached in, taking out his cock.

“Oh! Astor, my dear brother, you certainly have a lovely one!”

God, he’s gone completely mad.

Rowan wrapped his lips around Astor’s cock, his tongue swirling around it as though he wanted to taste every inch of it. It felt good, so devilishly good, and a part of Astor just wanted to lay there forever while Rowan sucked him off, he really could never go back to his hands after this.

Pleasure started building in Astor’s body, and he came into Rowan’s mouth, both men moaning in ecstasy. Rowan looked up at Astor, a devilish smile on his cum-splattered face, before turning him over with surprising strength and a cock seemingly emerged from his fur-covered nether regions, longer and thicker than anything Astor had seen before.     


Rowan was having so much fun! Astor’s cum was so good, tasted so lovely. He never wanted to go back to before, when he was ignorant to his desires, thinking that they were heretical. He would much rather be thrusting away at Astor’s hole as he moaned in ecstasy below him, Rowan delighting in the tight heat. Astor raised his lovely ass in the air, swallowing more of Rowan’s cock before he came, came so hard he nearly filled up Astor’s hole. Astor managed to pull himself up, a smile on his face, before wrapping his arms around Rowan’s neck.


“I’d love to stick my cock in your ass, you know. See you crying beneath me, begging for my cum, like the whore you are.”

Astor flipped the both of them around, and Rowan felt a sudden sharp pain in his hole that slowly gave way to pleasure as Astor thrust harder and harder, pleasure building before he came, Rowan’s body taking in all the come as if it couldn’t get enough. A few seconds later, Rowan came, covering the already soaked sheets as he moaned, pleasure coursing through his body. Astor turned around and smiled at him, his expression barely concealing immeasurable lust.


“You’re a whore, you know that? So lovely when you’re moaning in ecstasy, not caring about anything beyond who’ll dump the next load into you, I love you.” God, what the hell’s wrong with me?


Rowan grinned, reaching out to ruffle Astor’s head before his hand bumped into something hard. Horns? His fingers reached around the small horn, stroking the length before his fingers touched the base and Astor moaned.

“You’re an incubus now?”

Astor was still smiling, his eyes wet with desire.  

“Lesser incubus, I think, according to the monster manuals I’ve read.”

“You’ve read monster manuals?”

“You run a shop like this, you meet all sorts of people-gAH!” Rowan had picked him up off the bed.

“What are you doing?”

Rowan smiled and started walking down the stairs. “Taking you to the castle, of course. I want you to meet the ladies who changed me, and oh! Lilly’s probably hooked up with the castle’s leader.”

Astor grinned. “I’d love to go with you, live in the castle, fuck my darling into oblivion, have some fun .”     

He grabbed one of Rowan’s horns, rubbing and stroking it like one would a cock. Rowan let out an erotic moan and fell to the floor, his cock erect, a lewd smile on his face.

“Hmm, maybe we should just stay here for a while?”

Astor reached for Rowan’s cock. “That sounds like fun.”


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