Chapter 1: On Succubi and Fearful Girls (CWs: MGE-typical dubcon, pseudo-incest from a side couple, original date of publication: December 31st, 2018)

“Hello, dear brother of mine!” Lily pushed open the door of the small, musty shop, her partner Rowan calling out into the dark interior.

“M’ not your brother, jackass. Hey, Lilly.” The owner of the shop, Astor, had come out of the back, wiping away some soot on his forehead, his hair in disarray.

“Oh? Could you not spend a moment to give me some sort of attention, some sort of love? Do I really mean that little to you?” Rowan had begun to lean over the counter.

Astor waved him away and turned to Lilly. “What do you all want?”

“I..uh..we’re going know?” Lilly glanced over at Rowan out of the corner of her eyes. Help me!  Rowan glanced over to the side, catching her line of sight.

“We’ve been assigned to clear out a dungeon to the northeast of here, and Lilly really needs to stock up on arrows after that pack of goblins we ran into on our way here.”

“Oh, she really ran out that quickly?”

God, this is humiliating.

“Yep. Nasty little buggers jumped on us while we were taking a snack break, I was incapacitated, Lilly fought them of in a stunning display of heroism, you know the drill, dear bro-”

Could you just. Stop. Talking.

“I’m not your brother. You two stay in here while I get some arrows from the back and-” He sharply pointed at Rowan’s chest. “Don’t. Touch. Anything.”

Rowan threw his hands up. “Do you not trust me, dear broth-”



Astor retreated to the back. Lilly took a few uncertain steps forward. “Did you have to do that?”

“Do what?”

“That heroism thing. Did you have to tell it like that?”

“Why?” Confusion twisted on his face.

“It was embarrassing!” Lilly started fiddling with her bow.

“I was trying to be nice! You’re always telling me I should be nicer!”

“Not like that!”

“Then how should I be nicer?”

“You could try by not patronizing me in front of Astor!”

Rowan’s face twisted into something ugly. “Why? Because you liiiike him?”

“N-no! I just like him as a friend!”

“Somehow, I don’t believe that!”

“Why do you even care! He’s your brother, not your property!”


They both stopped arguing in their tracks. “Sorry,” Lilly called back, a bit meekly.

Astor came out of the back room with an armful of arrows. “Rowan. How many times have I told you, no arguing in the shop?”

Rowan rolled his eyes. “Never. And anyway, they’re just words, so why do you even care?”

Astor sighed. “I care because you’re scaring off customers. Lilly, I’m sorry that you’re stuck with this moron. Here are the arrows.” He unceremoniously dropped them in her arms, the weight almost overwhelming her.


“No problem. Rowan, dear brother of mine, could you pay?”


“You started the arguing. You pay.”

Rowan made an astonishing number of faces in a few short seconds, before dumping a handful of coins on the counter and marching out of the shop furiously.

“Uh...sorry about that.”

“T’s okay. I grew up with that brat. I know what he’s all about.”

“God, could this dungeon be any more confusing to find?” Rowan was marching through the forest, aimlessly using his sword to slash through trees and foliage. “If I get hit in the face one more time by one of these stupid branches, I’ll-”

Lilly had tuned him out by this point. She was too lost in thought. The dungeon was allegedly just another basic monster-infested old ruin, full of nothing but slimes and goblins, easy enough to vanquish, scour the crumbling old wreck for whatever magical items the monsters took, and get back just in time for dinner.

So why was she filled with so much dread? It’s just another dungeon. No reason to be worried. Just a normal dungeon. No reason to be worried.

Lilly was nearly ready to dash off into the undergrowth and call it quits when they emerged from the forest.

“Wow. That’s a pretty one.” Rowan had stashed his sword by his side and was brushing his hair out of his face.

You can say that again. The entire thing was no crumbling tower or overgrown cave. It was a full-blown castle, stretching up into the sky, with nary an out of place brick or overgrown vine in sight.

Rowan was still staring at the castle. “Well. That looks nice. I’m going to go.”

Lilly grabbed his hand. “We’re supposed to be doing this together!” Please, don’t leave me alone!

“No. We were supposed to be clearing out a small dungeon together. That’s a full blown monster palace, probably crawling with demons and werewolves and vampires and other nasties!”

Lilly sighed, mustering up all her courage. “If you leave me here all alone, I’m telling Father Walter that you got scared and left me to clear out this entire thing all by myself.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would. I’m just as scared as you are, but I’m going to do this. People have been disappearing from small towns all around here, and we, as brave soldiers of the Order, have to put a stop to this!” Where did that come from?

Rowan sighed. “Okay. I’m going in with you. But, if I see one demon, one queen slime, I’m bailing and telling Father Walter that we need backup.”

Lilly and Rowan had been walking through the halls for quite a while now, and they were starting to get antsy. They had only seen one slime, which Lilly had dispatched with a volley of arrows, and had run off before they had the chance to finish it off, as well as a pack of goblins that had seemingly disappeared into thin air before they had the chance to move in for the kill.

Lilly suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. “What?” Rowan called out.

“I think we might be going in circles.”

“What the hell?”

Lilly gestured at the wall. “Look. I could swear that I’d seen that little table before, the one with the claw marks on the side, and that painting of that old man on the wall.”

Rowan looked around. He did indeed see a painting of an old man, decked in full Order regalia, hanging on the wall opposite to them, and there was a small table covered in claw marks…

“You’re being ridiculous. I’d expect any mansion full of monsters to have some claw marks in it, and if they did take this over from a noble, then there’s going to be some paintings of old guys here.”


“God, why do you always worry so much? Look, I’m just going to open this door and-”

Rowan swung open the door, leading to another hallway very similar to the one they had just come from.

“See, we’re not going in…” His eyes suddenly caught a similar looking painting of an old man, and that small table covered in claw marks.

Lilly walked into the room. “Circles?”


“Yes, circles. I’m surprised it took you so long to figure that out, little ones.”

Rowan’s head whipped around. “What hell was that?”

“I don’t know!” Lilly tried to ready her bow, but her hands had started to shake.

“I mean, I really tried to set up a good, complex incantation, and what do I get, two kids who take who-knows-how-many hours to figure it out!

Rowan swung his sword wildly. “Show yourself, enemy of the Order!”

Laughter echoed throughout the long hallway. “Oh, darling. I’m not that interested in you, though it’s cute that you try. Now, your friend on the other hand..”

Lilly’s legs seemingly gave out under her. What the hell does this thing want with me? Why me?

The door on the left swung open, and a pair of scantily clad succubi walked out, breasts on full display, legs slender, faces alight with desire. Each one grabbed one of Rowan’s arms, pressing their breasts into his sides.

“Lilly, hel-” One of the women placed a hand on his face, the other wrapping her legs around his body, pressing her breasts against his back.

“Darling, you really shouldn't be so hasty to leave.” The succubus on the left begun to drag him out the door, the one on the right still clinging on for dear life.

Lilly knew that she should have helped. She knew that she would have been able to shoot a few arrows into the succubi and wrestled Rowan out of their grasp.

But, those women. They were like nothing she’d ever seen before, with their bat-like wings, curling horns, whiplike tails, barely-there armor, sultry expressions, large breasts…

She suddenly felt a strange sensation, like warmth pooling in her groin. God, was it always this hot? Lilly began to tear off her skirt, throwing it aside, and started on unfastening her armor.


“Starting so soon?”


Lilly turned around, and standing in the doorway was the sexiest woman she had ever seen in her life. She was wearing a tiny leather number, only barely covering her nipples and groin, displaying the rest for all to see, including her ample breasts and lovely slender legs. Lilly barely noticed the set of curling ram’s horns on the side of her head, or the wings framing her wide hips.

“Darling, it’s usually considered polite to respond when someone asks you a question.”

Lilly was still staring at the way her breasts bounced as she walked forward, the seemingly sculpted perfection that was her face. She felt a strange wetness in her panties, and moved to take them off.

The woman moved closer, brushing some hair out of Lilly’s face and reaching down to remove the last fasteners on her breastplate. Lilly reached out.

“Please..please fuck me!” Where the hell did that come from?

“Oh, my darling. Aren’t you forward?” Lilly, seemingly unhearing, reached out and touched one of the woman’s breasts. Wrapping her fingers around it, delighting in the lovely firmness, desperate to touch more, feel more, hold more.

The woman pushed her to the ground and tore off her shirt, before kissing her fiercely, her tongue snaking into the depths of her mouth, one of her hands reaching down into her panties...

Oh! Lilly spread her legs, desperately wanting to feel more of that lovely sensation throughout her body.

“My, aren’t you eager. I’ll have fun training your body in pleasure. Bet they don’t even let you masturbate.”

The woman’s fingers were roaming deep inside her, before brushing against a certain spot inside. A wave of pleasure coursed through Lilly’s body before she grabbed one of the woman’s tits and squeezed it hard.

“Oh, yes! Darling, do that again!” She cried, throwing her head back in the air, wetness streaking down her legs.

Lilly wrapped her legs around the woman’s body and flipped them both over, now she was sitting on top, and she had no intention of letting either of them go.

“Fuck me on your fingers, please!”

The woman laughed, and proceed to comply, shoving three fingers up Lilly’s cunt and proceeding to use her other hand to play with Lilly’s nipples, which were standing at full attention.

Lilly was riding the woman’s fingers. She felt so full, so overwhelmed with pleasure-pain. God, she never wanted to stop. She would just love to spend all day in this castle, fucking this hot woman all day and all night long, forever. What had she even come here to do in the first place? Why had she been so scared before?

The woman withdrew her fingers, and her tail snaked out from behind her body. It was so thick and lovely. God, Lilly wanted that thing in her cunt so bad, she was almost going to cum just thinking about it.

“Put that thing in me now, please!”

“I couldn’t be happier.” The woman smiled, and Lilly moved over, sitting on the tail before it shot up into her body with one thick thrust, causing another bolt of ecstasy to shoot through Lilly’s body.


She had been so preoccupied with her pleasure, that she had failed to notice the changes happening to her body. Lilly happened to glance down for a brief period, and suddenly noticed that her breasts were twice as large as they should be, able to fit in one of the woman’s hands.

“Don’t worry darling. I’m simply freeing you from this awful existence as a human. Just sit back and relax.”

Lilly didn’t care. What did that matter? What did anything matter? All that mattered was that the woman continued to fuck her with her tail and play with her tits and oh, was she sucking on her neck, that too.


A strong wave of pleasure-pain flooded her body, and everything went black.

Lilly woke up in a large, fluffy bed. The first thing she noticed was that there was a lot more hanging off her chest than she was used to. The second thing she noticed was that her panties were totally soaked. She pulled herself out of the bed, and was suddenly met by a full-length mirror.

She reached upward to touch her head, and yes, those were stubby little horns on the top of her head, and that was a set of bat wings framing her hips, and yes, her tits were several times larger than she remembered, couldn’t even button her shirt up all the way, they were so big.


She looked over to the side, and saw that hot woman from before sleeping on the other side of the bed. Completely nude, too, if that really was a nipple sticking out. Lilly sat right on the bed, before climbing over her sleeping form and pressing her face in between her lovely tits. Damn. Softer than the softest pillow.

“Good morning, darling.”

Lilly glanced up at the hot woman in her midst, “You- yawn -you too. Mh. What’s your name again?”

She wrapped her arms around Lilly’s body, pressing her closer into the lovely softness. “Oh, sorry. Name’s Vivaiel. And you are?”


“I’ve got to introduce you to Yuri sometime, she’s got your name too.”

“Who?” Lilly’s tail had started to move, seeking sensation beyond the soft sheets.

“Oh, Yuri. She’s the wife of one of the yokai that lives he-Oh!”

Lilly had begun teasing Vivaiel’s cunt. “Less talking. I’m wet and I so want to try out my new body.”

Vivaiel smiled. “Darling, I’d love to help.”  

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