Of Slime-Sucking and Lost Girls (CWs: none besides MGE-typical dubcon, original date of publication: February 28th, 2019)

“But Father, why do I have to go?” Liana was rolling her eyes at the very thought. Her stepfather barely spared a thought for her!  

“Because I say so!” His fists slammed down on the table.

“You just want to leave me to the mercy of the monsters!”

“I never said such a thing!”

“You implied it! Send me off through the monster-infested woods near that creepy old castle and leave me to die! You’ve don’t even like me!”

With a swish of his hand, her father sent a glass crashing to the floor. “That. Is. Enough. You will make the trip. You will deliver the package. You will come back! I don’t have any more time for this nonsense!”

Liana’s mother ran into the room. “Could you please stop breaking my things whenever you two have an argument, Li? Honestly, you both could-”

Liana was barely listening. She had already made a beeline for the door, slamming it open and striding out, so pissed that she could barely listen to more of her mother’s attempts at diffusing the situation. Why the hell do I always have to do this stuff? Not any of my brothers-me! God, my stepfather’s a moron.   She suddenly slammed into something solid.

“You know, you really should look where you're going.”

Liana looked up to see someone standing over her, a hand outstretched. She took it, a strong arm pulling her up.

“Hey, Aran.”

Aran gave her a casual smirk. “You running away again?”

Liana rolled her eyes. “Would you stop bringing that up? I was nine!”

“Ten, actually, and you were marching out of the house with a pissed-off look on your face. What was I supposed to assume you were doing?”

“Stepfather’s being an asshole. What else is new?”

Aran looked off into the distance. “Ah. What’d he do this time?”

Liana sighed. “He’s trying to get me to go off into the woods so that I can deliver some package to the next village over.”


Liana started to walk down the street, to the village center. “I’m going to have to travel through the Chalashia Woods! Couldn’t he have at least sent one of my brothers?”

Shit. Aran thought. According to the older people in the village, Chalashia Castle used to be owned by a family of mid-to-high ranking nobles who ruled over the region, but about thirty years ago, the family mysteriously disappeared, and some sort of enchantment was placed on the castle to make it difficult to find in the woods and nearly impossible to navigate once it was inside. It didn’t take a genius to realize that it was the work of monsters.

“What the hell was he thinking?” God, her father’s a fucking moron, sending her out there on her own, where monsters could just snap her up and eat her.  

Liana sighed. “I know. Fuck him.”

A shout rang out from the doorway of Liana’s house. “LIANA. GET. INSIDE. NOW!”

Liana jumped up, her hands shaking. “Got to go.”

Aran nodded. I understand. God, he’s been nothing but a colossal dick to her.


After what felt like two decades of arguing and more thrown objects than anyone could count, Liana was eventually strong-armed into delivering the package, a series of small bottles that were wrapped in white cloth and smelled god-awful. She was also given a map, showing a relatively straight dirt road through the woods. It wasn’t easy to find, having been covered in grass and other assorted debris from disuse, but she managed to find and follow it, all while cursing and trying to carry the bottles in the crook of one arm so that she could hold the map.

“Could this village be any more difficult to find?” She said, after seeing the third fork in the road in what felt like three minutes. Liana turned the map around, trying to track her progress with her finger without dropping the bottles, stepping forward a few feet.


Pleasedon’tbeadeadthingpleasedon’tbeadeadthingplease! Liana looked down. Her eyes caught on what she was standing in. Blue slime.

Holy shit, am I going to die? I don’t want to die!  Liana was shaking now, dropping the bottles on the ground.

“You’re cute! Let’s play!”

Liana turned around, feeling something squishy pressing into her back. A slime girl was standing behind her, her arms wrapped around her neck, an impish smile on her face.

“Let go of me!” Liana tried to kick at the slime, but her fists simply bounced off the slime’s body. She was surprisingly strong for a slime, her hands reaching under Liana’s shirt, groping her breasts. Her fingers were surprisingly cool, wrapping around her tits and seeming to suck away all the sweat.  

“Oh! You’re biiiig!” The slime pushed her to the ground, her clothing unraveling to pieces in the slime’s body. The slime moved downward, enveloping her body in some sort of goo. The goo pressed against her body, sucking on her bare skin. Oh, yes! God, what’s even going on?

The slime smirked, her bouncy tits just inches from Liana’s face. Liana could feel the slime moving downwards, her clothing unraveling to threads, wet kisses trailing downwards until they reached her cunt, sucking at her body pleasurably along the way.  

A jolt of pleasure coursed through her body. Do that again! Do that again!

The slime girl obliged, and Liana felt something cool slip inside her, gently rubbing her walls, waves of ecstasy flooding her body. The slime’s tongue sucked her dry as though Liana was a meal that deserved to be enjoyed, penetrating her better than a village boy’s cock or her own fingers ever could.   

Liana didn’t even have to say anything before the slime continued, her body sinking lower, more wet, sloppy tendrils reaching deep inside her and ahhholyshitthatfeltsogood! She wrapped her legs around the slime’s waist, the slime wrapping more of her luscious body that sucked her off so well around her.

She reached downward, her fingers touching the slime’s large, bouncy tits. Her fingers squeezed deep inside the slime tits, the slime giggling. The slime looked up, her face slack with pleasure.

“You’re fun! Wanna go back to Queeny’s kingdom?”

With her body consumed both by squishy slime and pleasurable sucking, Liana turned her head.

“Wha...Ah! What’s Queeny’s kingdom?”

The slime’s fingers traced over Liana’s nipples, eliciting a startled gasp in the process. “‘Ts a place run by a slime name’d Queeny. She’s got nice tits, and I could eat you up allllll day.”

Liana gave a slovenly smile, seeing the slime wrap around her body like the world’s most fuckable coat.  “Yeah, let’s do that.”

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