Gender Not Applicable
Pronouns They/them
Age 400-ish
Sexuality Pansexual
Species Kitsune
Nationality/Race Japanese
Theme Color Gold
Occupation None
Likes Fried tofu, ear scritches, modern sneakers, earnest people
Dislikes Rules, computers, getting wet, responsibility
Kazuki Boyfriend
Ren Best friend

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  • 2. Personality
  • 3: Backstory
  • 4: Powers
  • 5: Trivia


Kohaku is very androgynous and flat-chested, with slender fingers and a pointed face. Their eyes are a bright, striking gold, and their hair, cut in a formal, chunky bob, is a honey-brownish color. They have a crooked grin, and prefer to wear a mishmash of modern and feudal clothing- yellow yukata with a green overcoat and red sneakers is their favorite look. In their true form, they have red markings on their cheeks and the corners of their eyes, a bushy fox tail, and pointed fox ears.


If you could sum up Kohaku's personality in one word, it would be shitgremlin. They love playing pranks, screwing with people, and never giving anyone a fair answer.


Born into a family of kitsune nobility in the Takamagahara, Kohaku was always the odd one out, not as skilled or heroic nor as notorious and villainous as their relatives, they were eventually banished to Earth after a prank gone wrong, where they kept on fooling mortals for their own amusement. One day, they bit off more than they could chew while pretending to be a ghost to prank a high school occult club, and almost died. However, they were saved by Kazuki, who'd been trying to stop their pranks. In the end, Kohaku decided that Kazuki was too interesting a human to leave alone, so they took up residence in his apartment, becoming his second partner. During the True Blood Tournament, they fought Tamano no Mae, who had lived until the modern day, living as modern-day social media influencer Tamako Sakigawa. This causes Kohaku to reconsider their fun-and-hedonism worldview somewhat, and they end up married to Kazuki in the end.


As a kitsune, Kohaku has a natural talent with illusion magic, which they can use to take on the appearance of anyone they desire. In their true form, they are more agile, flexible, and quicker than an average human being, and they can revert to the form of an ordinary fox whenever they desire.