Angel of Mercy (fandom: Buck Tick RPF, original date of publication: August 17th, 2023)

It was dark, utterly pitch-black, and the only thing Hidehiko could feel was the burning. His throat was on fire, the pain pulsating violently like nothing he’d ever felt before. Hurts! Hurts! I need- 


“Shhh, shhhh, it’s okay…” 


Distantly, Hidehiko could hear someone’s voice, soft and comforting. Someone was also running their fingers through his hair, like they were comforting a child. 


In the background, he could hear another sound, a rhythmic pulsing noise. The pain in his throat only grew more intense with each pulse, like a thousand little fiery knives stabbing every inch of flesh.  It was like nothing Hidehiko had ever felt before, and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from crying out. 


What’s… What the fuck’s going on? Hidehiko tried to shift his position, but he couldn’t. Have I been kidnapped?  Stuck with poison? Did the bloodsuckers finally decide to fight back? Makes sense, we’ve killed so many-


“You’re awake.” 


That’s Yuta’s voice! Why are you here? Don’t tell me you’ve been captured too? 


Hidehiko tried to say something, but nothing came out. I’ve been gagged. But why isn’t Yuta- 


Yutaka’s comforting fingers returned to his hair. “It’s okay. It’s okay, love, it’s going to be okay, I promise…” 


You don’t have to comfort me, we’ve been kidnapped, I need to find a way to get us out of here, but everything hurts so fucking much! 


Hidehiko tried to pull himself up, but his arms were tied behind his back. Every muscle in his body ached at the exertion, all cold and stiff, his throat crying out in more pain. Something, something, please..


Yutaka’s hands moved from Hidehiko’s hair to his arms, gently pushing him down. He started rubbing them in the same rhythmic motions he did before. “It’s okay, stop panicking..” 


What’s going on? I’m trying to get us out of here!


“I’m going to take off your blindfold now, okay sweetheart?” 


You’re untied? 


Hidehiko tried to nod, but his cold aching muscles cried out, before light flooded his vision, stinging and making the burning pain someone spike in intensity. 


Sitting in front of him was Yutaka, looking at him with a soft smile. The light filling the room burned his eyes, and he reflexively closed them. Fuck! Bright!  The fire in his throat roared up again, and his toes curled, trying not to let any pain show on his face. 


Yutaka laughed. “Didn’t I tell you to close your eyes?” 


I expected to be in a dungeon somewhere, not- he cracked open an eye- a hotel room? His surroundings were boring, mundane. A perfectly ordinary business hotel with cream walls and a work desk. What kind of bloodsucker keeps their victims in a hotel? 


He looked at Yutaka, sitting next to him on the bed. No chains or gags or handcuffs in sight, just sitting casually. 


Yutaka, what in the-


Hidehiko opened his mouth to speak, and a wave of tastes came flooding in. Most strongly, there was something bitter that stung the back of his mouth, interlaced with the most luscious scent he’d ever smelled in his life. Yes, yes, please ye-


The edges of the pain temporarily abated as the scent rose, and as on instinct, Hidehiko started searching the room for the source. 


Yutaka moved back. “No, no, don’t open your mouth!” He got up, rummaging through a box. “Now just hold still…”


Yes yes please yes eat feed so thirsty get get get prey!


Hidehiko’s body shot forward on reflex as the wonderful smell moved away from him, chasing down the wonderful smell that would solve all his problems, all his pain- 


He fell face-first onto the bed. What the hell? Hidehiko glanced down. Ropes. Why am I..


Yutaka slowly inched forward, placing a firm hand on his husband’s shoulder. “Just stay calm, this is my fault,” he said, roll of duct tape in hand, “for forgetting about your sense of taste.” 


smells so good get it hunt it down so we can not hurt


That amazing smell was moving excruciatingly close, and on instinct


  huntbite hunt right there right there


Hidehiko bit down, and the most wonderful sensation filled his body. The taste that filled his mouth was wonderful, like life and power and ecstasy racing through his cells and setting every nerve ending alight with energy as the pain was quenched with the warmm…


What is happening? 




Fuck, fuck


liquid ..


It’s so good, 


Filling his mouth, 


No no god no please


Returning life and warmth to a body that had previously had none..


I want to let go, kill me so I can let go


And making the predator in him come alive


Fuck! A sharp stabbing pain echoed through Hidehiko’s head, and his fangs dislodged from Yuta’s hand, spilling blood all over the hotel sheets. 


beautiful blood, wasted blood


Yuta stood over his husband, staring at him. That amazing scent was still leaking out of the ugly gash on his hand , and Hidehiko bit his lip, desperate to never reopen his mouth again, never to hurt Yuta like that again. 


His mouth was quickly covered by tape. 




He’s my husband, Hidehiko mentally screamed, Not food! Kill me, please put me out of my misery, before I hurt you again! 


blood, so much lovely blood


Hidehiko looked up at Yuta, who was holding a combat knife in his other hand, dripping with too-dark blood. Thank god, thank god…


He looked up at prey husband prey Yuta, Yuta who was going to end it all, save him from his curse, save him from hurting anyone else, and watched as he put down the knife,


and reached over 


snap my neck snap it with your bare hands, a small delusional part of him screamed desperately, desperate for his suffering to be over


and gently brushed Hidehiko’s hair out of his face. 


prey’s getting in closer, he won’t suspect it if we go in for a bite just one bite please 


 No, no, he’s going to keep me alive, Yuta, please, why? 


“Kill me.” Hidehiko rasped. “Please.” Why am I still alive? Why haven’t you done it! 


Yutaka smiled, that beautiful smile that Hidehiko always loved, that smile that never failed to put him at ease, that smile that he fell in love with. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re safe. I won’t let you go hungry, I won’t let anyone hurt you. That’s a promise.” 


With a smile, he brushed away the bloody tears streaming down Hidehiko’s face. 


“I love you, okay?” 


And Hidehiko cried.